About us

The pride of a nation, the pride of the world. What's unique for a nation is also precious for the world. We, as a retro Chinese brand, are dedicated to redefining the Chinese style beauty and representing it by integrating it with modern elements. 

We are so happy to finally have our office in Germany since 2021! We have originally established our workshop in 2014, but already owned the rich experience of ready-to-wear for over 10 years. Our headquarter is located in beautiful Yunan (southern part of mainland China), where you can see vast grassland, clear water, and different flowers blossoming in four seasons. 

***Beauty is beyond any boundary or time. Just as our slogan goes, our clothing and accessories could tell a story. We hope everyone who wears our products could carry a story. 

***We insist on high-quality handmade and sustainable ready-to-wear.